Sunday, 22 January 2012

Recent Buys!

Today me and my mam went shopping to give me the chance to get rid of some birthday/Christmas money that has been burning a hole in my pocket for a while. I wasn't intent on buying anything in particular but managed to do pretty well anyway!

Chelsea Boots- River Island, Skirt- Zara, Porefessional and Girl Meets Pearl- Benefit, Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour and Nail File- The Body Shop

I've been wanting some chelsea boots for a while now and had my eye on these ones for a while. I thought I would wait until after Christmas to see if they'd be in the sale... turns out they were probably the only thing that weren't in the sale, just my luck! So after weeks of pining for them I finally forked out the full £40 for them, oh well I do love them!

The skirt from Zara is the shortest one I've bought in a while, it comes just a little bit above the knee and aw, I saw it and knew I had to have it! It's lace material and will just go with pretty much everything I own. Yey!

For my birthday my mam booked me in at Benefit for a free makeover and when I was there the girl mixed Porefessional and Girl Meets Pearl to make a lovely base to use rather than a foundation I didn't buy them then because make up artists can be really pushy and I panicked ahaha (plus it was £48 for the both of them and I needed to justify spending that much money) I eventually caved in though, does anyone else use them?

I recently signed up for a Body Shop card and on the month of your birthday you get a £5 free gift (how sweet?) I wasn't after anything specific so I just had a look at their sale and picked out a moisturising lipstick/balm and a new nail file. You should go get a Body Shop card they're so good and you get 10% off all of your purchases. They gave me a £10 voucher today too so I'll be no doubt having another trip down there soon!

Also, when I was making my purchases at Benefit I signed up for the Debenhams Beauty Club its like the Boots Advantage card but for Debenhams (pretty obvious but I don't know how else to explain it) I can't wait to start building up some points. Is anyone else a member?

Love Katie X


  1. I'm not a member but my mum is and she LOVES IT, she's got so many points as well she's always getting new goodies! Going to join myself. Love benefit too... and your blog is gorge. Now following. xx