Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Make Up Routine

Time for my first proper post! How I do my make up on a morning! I'll make a list of the stuff I use (and I'll probably do some proper reviews later) How do you like my make up head band? Ahahaha

Step One: A sight for sore eyes, ahaha! I've prepped my face with Benefit Foamingly Clean (£16.50), Facial Polish (£17.50), It's Potent! Eye Cream (£23.50) and Total Moisture Facial Cream (£26.50).

Step Two: Next, I apply Lancome Colour Ideal in shade 01 (£29.00) it's such a lovely foundation and a little covers a lot! I add a little Erase Paste (£19.50) on my eye bags (which are terrible!) and a bit around my nose to cover redness. Finally I use Benefit Brow Zings (£22.50) great for a natural looking brow.

Step Three: If you don't own a Body Shop brush I suggest you get one now! They're so soft and apply make up really well! I think it's around £9.00 for an eye brush and £12.00 for the larger ones which is cheaper than my MAC liner brush which was £14.00 (I think). I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion which came with the Naked Palette (£35.00) and then apply my shadow. Today I was wearing Virgin, Sidecar, Toasted and Darkhorse. I line my top lid with Magic Ink Liquid Liner (£14.50) and the bottom with MAC Kohl Pencil in Smouldering (£14.00) on my bottom. I finish with Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara (£21.00)

Step Four: Finishing touches! I set my foundation with the best powder ever: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish (£21.50) I totally recommend it, Body Shop Blusher (its okay), Benefit High Beam on my cheekbones, cupid's bow and the bridge of my nose. Then MAC Lipstick in True Red (£14.00) and MAC Lipglass (17.00) for a bit of shine.

Ta da! This turned out to be a very long post but there you have it, how I do my make up. Do any of you use these products or have some to recommend? I appeared to be pulling a similar face in every picture so here's one a little different...

Hope you enjoyed my first (long!) post.

Love Katie X


  1. Love the finished look. Need to get a naked palette asap! Been keeping it off for too long. Great post:)

    1. You really need one in your life! I only just got mine for Christmas but I love it. Thanks for the lovely comment! X

  2. Your eyes look gorgeous! Thanks for your comment :) xo