Sunday, 12 February 2012

Recent Buys

MAC Eyeshadow in Shale
Another for my small palette collection. I had my eye on this when I bought my first colour (Brule), it's a neutral colour with purple undertones and I just think it's a lovely colour! I was after a purplish shade but something that was very subtle so this one was perfect.

Nivea Light Moisturising & Cleansing Lotion
Yawn, just a moisturiser to use before I get ready because I have awfully dry skin. I was rather impressed by the simple formula of the Nivea face cream that I used to use so I thought I'd give another of their products a try.
Knitted Jumper (shock)- Zara
Zara never, ever lets me down. Its definitely a firm favourite of mine so I wasn't surprised when I found this little gem. It's a pale, peppermint green colour (which is hard to see in this photo) and it's the perfect start to my pastel collection, since they're all coming into fashion!

Slinky Marl Midi Dress- Topshop
I've been on a quest to find a long dress I can wear casually with a baggy jumper etc and I found one today! I don't spend money in Topshop very often because I don't want to be poor :-( but this was calling out to me (and I thought £36 seemed a pretty reasonable price) Can't wait to see what I can do with it!

Small Metal Round Sunglasses- Topshop
For some it's bags, for others it's shoes but people that know me well know that I have an addiction to sunglasses! I bought these without even trying them on because I've wanted a round pair like these for ages! But they looked alright once I tried them on at home. Who knows when I'll ever get a chance to wear them in this wonderful, British weather (not!) But I neeeeeded to get my fix of sunglasses!

Who's excited for the BAFTAS?!

Love Katie X

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