Monday, 20 February 2012

Jeremy Scott "Freckle" Tutorial

I've noticed a lot of these freckle looks on the catwalk recently and although I didn't immediately go for it at first this quirky look has really grown on me. I'm not really sure when you would go out like this but I think its a fun thing to try at least once and you don't need any fancy make up products to do it!

You Will Need

Foundation, concealer, a highlighter, black and brown kohl pencils, liquid eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, a brow comb and brush, blusher, eyelash curler, lipstick or Vaseline.
Step One- Face

  • Apply foundation all over face.
  • Add concealer under you eyes and highlighter on the bridge of your nose, cupid's bow and jawbones.
  • In the Jeremy Scott image her brows aren't very strong so just use your brow brush to set the shape. If you're more comfortable with darker brows there's no harm in defining them how you normally would :-)
Step Two- Eyes

  •  Apply a neutral, creamy shade all over the lid (for those of you with Naked Palette 2 I used "Foxy") then, with a liner brush take a brown shade (I used "Buck" from Naked Palette 1) and apply just above the eye crease.
  • Using a black kohl pencil line the top lid (this will work as an outline for when it comes to applying your liquid liner)
  • With a black eye shadow make a line a few millimetres away from the bottom lid (again this will work as an outline before you use liquid liner)

  •  Carefully follow your outlines with liquid liner (it can take a LONG time to get the bottom right so take deep breaths and keep trying, I'd have a make up wipe at hand!)
  • For the top lid add a little wing at the end of your line.
  • Curl your lashes and add a few layers of mascara on the top and bottom.

    Step Three- Blusher and freckles

    • The blusher on the Jeremy Scott model is very bright so build up several layers onto the apples of your cheeks.
    • This is the fun bit! Using a brown kohl pencil (make sure its sharp) just dot your nose and cheeks wherever you fancy. Dust over them with a blender blush so they look a bit more realistic.

       I added a little Vaseline to my lips and voilĂ ! You can make the freckles darker if you want it just depends on what you're using the look for.

      I hope this tutorial was helpful! I always wanted to do one but don't have a video camera (and I'd be to embarrassed talking anyway haha) Sometimes I think it can be a bit easier copying pictures but I don't know what you prefer :-)

      Sorry if this has been a waste of time haha 

      Love Katie 

      p.s If you try the look and are a bit down hearted when it comes to lining the bottom lid here's a few pictures that might make you feel better!


      1. LOVE this! such a good tutorial, the pictures are really useful x

        1. Awww thank you! That's made me feel better haha X

      2. lol while I'm trying to get rid of my freckles you are doing the opposite.

        nice blog, xox, from your newest follower,